Following a death (and the subsequent Probate process and Estate Administration) we completely understand that probate Solicitor's fees are an expense you would rather not have. We offer a very fair fee structure, have been online for over 30 years and grew by recommendation, we believe that is testament to how fair our terms and fees are.
We keep our staffing and office overheads to a minimum without affecting the high level of service you receive by dealing with your Personal Case Manager directly.
We can often fix the Probate and Estate Administration fees in advance, because we have completed so many Estate Administrations we can calculate how much work will be necessary in advance. Any Probate Solicitor that offers an unlimited 'estimate' of probate costs clearly is not confident of how much work will be required and from our experience the majority of 'estimates' are exceeded by the end of the case

On average over 30% of the Estate Administrations we undertake exceed £1.5 Million, with the largest being over £30 Million. Therefore you can be confident that our Lawyers are experienced in the complexities that can arise with larger Estates. The authorities like HM Revenue & Customs always take an interest in large Estates and we are experienced in submitting accounts that get approved by HMRC first time and can deal with any enquiries raised. We also do absolutely everything legally possible to make sure that the Estate pays the minimum amount of Inheritance Tax possible.


The first question you should really ask is, "How much does a BAD Estate Administration Service cost"?

After over 30 years many clients have told us about bad Estate Administrations, with the problems and errors only surfacing years after the work was completed. Some of these errors needed to be declared to HM Revenue & Customs resulting in serious penalties and taxes (and interest). It might only be a decimal point in the wrong place on a share value (for example) but the consequences can be financially catastrophic. 


FAST - but not rushed (where errors can occur). ­

CAREFUL - by using the latest technology (to check and double check what the humans are doing). ­

EXPERIENCED - in Probate and Estate Administrations of all sizes, including high value (high risk of errors) Administrations. ­

LOW FEES - but not so low that corners need cutting. ­

FIXED PROBATE FEES - so everyone involved knows the cost from the beginning, with no shocks at the end due to unlimited Probate Solicitor's fees (hourly) being made. ­

EXPERIENCED PROBATE SPECIALISTS - that are up to date on the latest probate law, rules and probate procedures and someone that manages a clients file personally, so s/he knows the the case and the people involved. ­ JARGON FREE - so you understand what is going on at every stage, even if it gets very technical, plain English in other words.

As this is our web site, it may not be a surprise that we are describing our own Estate Administration Service under the heading of a 'Good Estate Administration Service' above. However, you don't have to take our word for it as you can view many comments made by our clients under the heading of "What Clients Say" (above), you can even speak to a former client if you wish, many are happy to do this and recommend the individual Case Manager that dealt with their probate case.