About us...

Probate-Helper was formed over 30 years ago by a UK Specialist Probate Lawyer Antony Stuart Keeble (A.S.K), bringing together a network of individual probate experts and firms of Probate Solicitors to offer a fast professional Probate service at a fair price.
Our founder was a very experienced Probate specialist that believed that traditional Probate Solicitors were sometimes slow
and the standard of work sometimes poor (due to lack of Probate experience). Additionally, the traditional method of
providing a client with an estimate (and charging unlimited hourly rates) was often unnecessary.
By offering a first class UK Probate service with fixed­-fees wherever possible, PROBATE-­HELPER Probate specialists grew considerably. With a focus on quality and client care. We now offer UK probate
services online to applicants from all over the world, including applications where the
deceased as not UK resident (non-­domicile Probate applications). 
Every Probate-Helper client is assigned a personal expert Case Manager who remains your direct contact throughout your
case. Every single UK Probate application is made by a fully registered member of The Law Society of England &
Wales or qualified CILEx Probate Practitioner.
The very fair fees will speak for themselves when you request a quote (or challenge us to beat an existing
quote), but ultimately the speed and quality of our work is the most important element. 

Probate-Helper is a division of A.S.K Legal Services (UK)

Head Office: Dalton House, Windsor Avenue, LONDON SW19 2RR