FAST, ESTABLISHED, PROFESSIONAL. We have been offering fast friendly Probate help for over 30 years.  Our UK Probate help services range from just obtaining a Grant of Representation (Grant of Probate, Letters of Administration, or Confirmation) to a full estate Administration Service, Online or with traditional High Street Solicitor services. Your case - big or small - will personally managed by a specialist Probate Case Manager and every Probate application is made by a fully registered Probate Solicitor regulated by the Law Society of England, Wales or Scotland (as appropriate). You cannot find more Probate assistance to help you through the process quickly, all with the minimum of fuss or legal jargon, and all at the lowest cost possible. 


With Probate Helper you are safe in the knowledge that in addition to the highest standards of service, the Probate process could not be completed faster or with lower costs. In our opinion, if you are charged less, corners may be cut and if charged more, you are simply paying for excessive overheads.  Wherever possible we will always offer you a FULLY-INCLUSIVE FIXED-FEE from the beginning of the case, not an ESTIMATE OF COSTS that normally rise over time. 

"I am pleased to say that the choice of your firm was one of my better decisions".




"We would like to thank you for the caring, courteous and professional attitude you have given to us throughout our sad loss".



What clients say about our Uk probate Service

For over 30 years we have had just one objective... to offer a 1st Class service, typically unexpected in the world of Legal Services. 


We believe we acheive that goal but but don't take our word for it CLICK HERE to read a selection of genuine Testamonials

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"Thank you for all your hard work, there is no way this could have been achieved without you."




"Thank you for acting so fast to reassure me... the price was a fraction the other Solicitors quoted."